Erin King

Writer. Mother. New Yorker.


Currently Querying: Paper Seeds


Place a magical paper seed in a book. Plant it in the ground.
Grow anything you desire from its pages.  

Harlow Jackson is tired of feeling second rate in her small, Southern town. So when her grandmother dies, leaving her four paper seeds (on the same day Harlow gets dumped) she takes things into her own hands. Harlow grows teenage versions of Mr. Knightley, Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gray, and Dracula (Drake) to be debutante escorts for her and her friends. Harlow passes the boys off as four rather eccentric foreign exchange students, and everything goes according to plan, until Harlow learns there are consequences for every paper seed planted. If she doesn't discover how to undo what she's done and send the boys back, four other lives could be left hanging in the balance. 

Manuscript available upon request.